Boleto confirmation within 1 hour.

Whether it is from Itaú, Bradesco, Santander, Banco do Brasil, Caixa or others banks with FirstOne Boleto®, you will know when the boleto is paid in less than an hour (bank hours).


We don’t share any of your information to other
and your information is totally secured.

No matter which institution you use to issue your boleto,
FirstOne Boleto® let you know as soon as it has been paid.


Send by API the code line and once it’s paid we return the paid status.


Simple like that.

This is a revolutionary innovation for Brazil’s leading payment method!


The quick response is what matters.

FirstOne (F1) Boleto® can check paid boleto at any bank branch or authorised processors, such as over 13k lottery agencies, pharmacies and supermarkets. It can also be paid electronically in more than 50k ATMs across Brazil or via internet and digital bank.


We check by the code line every hour (bank working hours).
Simple and efficient 😉

Low Cost

F1 Boleto® provides the unique check payment confirmation in the market.


By the code line we let you know once it’s paid, all by API, in real time. Amazing!


Payable anywhere and 100% efficient!

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F1 Boleto® = First, Fast and Efficient!
Also easy to be integrated!

Quick confirmation

F1 Boleto® provides the best boleto payment confirmation in the market. When your buyer pays a boleto, payment will be confirmed to you in less than 1 hour (bank working hours).

Payable anywhere

Where the boleto has been paid: at bank branch, authorised processors, over 13,000 lottery agencies, pharmacies and supermarkets. We provide the answer.

Simple by API (RESTful)

Integration in 1 hour! Just let us know the barcode and we will monitor it until it has been paid!

100% guaranteed

FirstOne Boleto® return the quickest confirmation and offers the maximum security for merchants.

Save money

Speed up clearance over payment confirmation and grow your sales! Promote this differential to your customers.

Brazilian Invoice

Let everyone knows that your business is efficient, while your competitors take 2 business days.

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Choose the volume
that you want!


per month

  • R$ 5,00 each boleto.
Buy Now * Payment are in Brazilian Real

per month

  • R$ 4,60 each boleto.
Buy Now * Payment are in Brazilian Real

per month

  • R$ 4,00 each boleto.
Buy Now * Payment are in Brazilian Real

per month

  • R$ 3,60 each boleto.
Buy Now * Payment are in Brazilian Real

All plans are pay as you go. Package expires after 30 days. We don’t have any hidden charge or we don’t make auto-bill to our customers.
For yearly contract please get in touch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I use?

Soon as you contract our service, you’ll receive the documentation of our API and keys to send the boletos codes.

3. How can I integrated?

Our API is RESTful, so you can integrated at any language system quickly. Also we provide the postman pack to speed up the integration.

2. How can I pay for this?

For pay as you go you can buy online by PayPal, for yearly contract, please get in touch by e-mail:

4. Which banks are checked?

No matter witch institution has issued your boleto, we’ll check at all of them till the due date. Bank working hours = 9am to 7pm (-3GMT).

No “magic” we just check every hour if the boleto has been paid.
Fast and simple. Get all advantages of F1 Boleto® for your business now!

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